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Pocket Bish Gyms
co-ed teams ~ flexible rosters ~ training & descriptions

Note: Sapphire, Rosy, and Plum Gyms have some but not all of their members. The counts are also off. Please be patient. (03/23/02)
Lead Team
(open, run by Mariemaia)
Back-Up Team
(open, run by Hilde)
Reserve Team
(open, run by Makoto)

Special Forces Team
(open, run by Duo)
Logistics Team
(open, run by Ruki)
Pathfinder Team
(open, run by San)

Auxilliary Team
run by Quatre)
Morale Team
run by Mimi)
Point Team
(badges & reals,
run by Achika)

My Badges:
Achika radiates mystery and power.
Hilde's a great motivator. The Hellion is a tough taskmaster! Sailor Jupiter will get these gals in shape!
Quatre hones leadership skills. Duo's the resident mechanic, and he has a great sense of humor!
San is a good pathfinder and a fierce warrior. Ruki expects the best, and gets the best. Mimi is a lot of fun, but she does have an eye for detail!

Clubs and Affiliations

Proud to be a Master Trainer!

The Pocket Bishounen & Bishoujo NeoCircle! The Pocket Bishie NeoCircle!

This NeoCircle is owned by shusu_chan
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This Pocket Bishoujo Webring
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I am a Trainer's Club Member!

Trainer's Lounge

Minutes from Trainer Meetings
Shusu and her Gym trainers discuss PB matters

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