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I am a Trainer's Club Member!Gyms: Crimson (open, run by Mariemaia); Gold (open, run by Hilde); Forest (open, run by Makoto); Jet (open, run by Duo); Glacier (open, run by Ruki); Ivory (open, run by San); Sapphire (overflow, run by Quatre); Rosy (overflow, run by Mimi); Plum (open, run by Achika).

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San is a good pathfinder and a fierce warrior. The Ivory Gym
Pathfinder Team

11 Bishoujo, 8 Bishounen

Kaho Mizuki of Card Captor SakuraMizuki-sensei (or Miss Mackenzie to American viewers) is an enigmatic figure throughout the story of the Clow Cards. She is Sakura's teacher, and has a relationship with Touya, who is many years her junior. I *love* Kaho! Mysterious and sensible, she at home on the ice rink, at an archery contest, or carrying out the will of Clow Reed.

I loved Tsugaru as soon as I saw him. One of Yugi's henchmen, I wasn't at first entirely sure if he was a man or a woman because of the weird dubbing, but the coy attitude, the stylish haircut, the odd floppy outfit and playful androgyny hinted at a wily trickster. Smooth. An original, intriguing character and I wish there had been more of him. My 120th overall catch! Tsugaru of Tenchi Muyo

Lady Tokimi of Tenchi MuyoAll-powerful. Mysterious. And *impossible*. That's right. Lady Tokimi can't exist in the bounds of reality. Yet... there she is. One of my favorite enigmas.

The story differs from series to series, but the handsome, legendary Jurai prince who gives it all up for a life on Earth is a tale both compelling and strange. He could have it all... instead he grows old in a little mountain shrine and nods equably at the craziest of capers. Maybe Grandpa is onto something after all. Yosho of Tenchi Muyo

Kagero of Ninja ScrollSilly girls. What do you do when you're a deadly ninja and your skin is pure poison? Why, you fall for the vagabond fighter whose sword is like the wind, of course. Besides that, poor Kagero gets put through the ringer, but she still comes back destroying.

Lady Eboshi of Princess MononokeLady Eboshi is an interesting character. In a film where good and evil are not so well defined, she edges towards the bad side, yet she is very concerned with social reform and the wellbeing of her workers. She is a settler, a frontierswoman who has faith in her modernized world... and will do anything to make her future happen.

The exiled King of Fanelia, Van has only a handful of friends and his guymelef, Escaflowne, in a strange and hostile world. He has strong convictions, stronger loyalties, and draws good people to him. Yet he has nowhere to go but forward, for his tragic past is catching up to him... Van Fanel of Vision of Escaflowne

Yuzuriha of X/1999The youngest of the Dragons, this little girl can call up a spirit wolf which defends her. The others are very protective of her, but she can easily take care of herself... and the fate of humanity, of course. (She's actually not a baddie, but she and Nagi look cute together!)

Nagi is the quiet, youngest member of Schwarz. And the most powerful. Always expressionless, he is always in perfect control of his telekinesis and his feelings... except when both lash out in explosions of power. What goes on behind those listless eyes is anyone's guess. Nagi of Weiß Kreuz

Priss of Bubblegum CrisisFrankly the picture does not do her justice. Priss plays hard, rocks hard, and takes no crap from anyone. She's equally kick-ass in her suit too ^^ If I had a band, I'd want her fronting it too.

Matori of Tenchi MuyoMatori is one of Yugi's lackeys. She seems to be the cattiest one, advising and questioning Yugi. She rarely goes out on the various missions against Tenchi and his family, and instead stays in the moon palace.

Our favorite crossdressing super-strong bishounen! Again, enough with the hair... Nuriko is a great character for all the sacrifices he made to stay true to his sister, and then to defend his Priestess and serve his Emperor. And he's just a cutie ^^ (Look, he's not wearing a shirt. Yum.) Nuriko of Fushigi Yuugi

Kaoru of Rurouni KenshinKaoru is not your typical hero's leading lady. She's a fighter, a determined young woman, and a greater part of Kenshin's conscience and heart. On top of all this, she runs the dojo and household with a wooden mallet. Just don't eat the food! ^^

Tsunami of Tenchi MuyoThe visible form of Tsunami, who looks remarkably like a grown-up Sasame, holds a power of unfathomable depth. She is a ship, she is a spirit, she is an important part of Jurai. When Tenchi is at his lowest, she appears to him and guides him. My 90th Bishoujo catch!

Aaaah... Sigurd Harcourt. The lost king's lost brother, sharing that same stunning eye color that is so crucial to the destiny of their world. He is rather a good advisor. But mostly he's a hottie. Maybe he'll drop by on the Yggdrasil one of these days... Sigurd of Xenogears

Hilda of Outlaw StarWhy do anime always do this? Just when I start to like a character, boom. *sigh* Hilda is a tough-as-nails gal who's probably the first one to talk some sense into Gene Starwind. She knows her ships, she knows her factions, and she brings the crew one step closer to their quest for the Galactic Leyline.

The forgotten Masho... Rajura is actually a complex character, second only to Shutendouji. He is the next Warlord to doubt Arago, after his helmet is shattered by Sh'ten and then even more when the betrayal becomes clear. He likes to toy with weak minds (i.e. Shuu) and his illusions are generally elaborate and frightening. The personification of the one-eyed goblin spider, Rajura loves to hang upside down. Rajura / Dais of Yoroiden Samurai Troopers

Queen Tahamiine of Heroic Legend of ArislanAs beautiful as she is cold, Tahamiine will sacrifice almost anything to be the true Queen of Parse. Yet her choices are limited in a world where a woman can only hold power through marriage, where power is a means of survival.

The Juraian form of one of Princess Ayeka's guardians, Kamidake had to duel with one of the traitors guarding the pretender to the throne. It was quite a shock to see such a gorgeous guy come out of a giant talking cylinder! Wow. His battle was a nail-biter, and one of my favorite moments from the series. Kamidake of Tenchi Muyo

Ivory Gym. Trainer, San (Mononokehime).
Ranks (in order): Lady Tokimi, Tsunami, Yosho, Tsugaru, Matori, Rajura, Kamidake, Kaho Mizuki, Nagi, Yuzuriha, Van, Hilda, Priss, Nuriko, Kagero, Sigurd, Lady Eboshi, Kaoru, Queen Tahamiine.
Leaders. Bishounen ~ Sigurd, Nagi. Bishoujo ~ Kaho Mizuki, Lady Tokimi, Priss.
Yaoi Captains ~ Tsugaru, Nuriko. Leaders may help in other gyms, as time permits.

San: We are the Pathfinders. We see farther, we are silent and subtle. We are canny about the ways of the world, and acquainted with the old ways and greater powers. Mystery and shadow are our domain.

Total: Bishoujos & Bishónen
In addition to their optional training and teaching, all bishies are trained in chi energy blasting, basic comedy, first aid and CPR, table manners, self-defense, origami, aerial navigation, photography and/or watercolors, infiltration, sword fighting, cooking with chocolate, and in some cases, deep massage.

Want to find out how the bishies are placed? How the gyms are run? Visit the Trainers' Lounge for behind-the-scenes details.

Gyms: Crimson (open, run by Mariemaia); Gold (open, run by Hilde); Forest (open, run by Makoto); Jet (open, run by Duo); Glacier (open, run by Ruki); Ivory (open, run by San); Sapphire (overflow, run by Quatre); Rosy (overflow, run by Mimi); Plum (open, run by Achika).

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