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The Neko Room!

Here's where I went a little nuts adopting all kinds of catboys and catgirls from Ghost's Anime Page. Oooh, they're soooo kawaii!! ^___^ Just because I'm a Chihuahua Princess doesn't mean I don't have a weakness for kitties.

The room now shelters 36 kitties of all sizes, ages, and dispositions. It's so huge I've had to split it into the library and the den. Please watch where you step! I have found this room strangely relaxing, and I hope you will too.

OHHhh! Look! A pack of strays just showed up at the door! I'll have to build another room to fit them all. I haven't placed these guys yet, and I may not keep them all... but I'll let them hang out for a while.

Spike Kitty! Faye Kitty! Chichiri Kitty! Xellos Kitty! Dilandau Kitty! Maetel Kitty! Kenshin Kitty! Deathscythe Kitty! Sandrock Kitty!

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