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blue scorpio by UshikaiWelcome Scorpios and friends! So here's the deal. I'm not a big believer in astrology, but I do understand how it "works"... statistically, *some* people are going to fit into a general personality description, whether or not you believe in it. And Scorpio's got one hell of a description.

I happen to fit Scorpio to a 'T'. I was born right in the middle of the sign, and yes, I am just as moody and dangerous as they say. For a long time I didn't know a lot of other Scorpios, nor ones who really fit the mold. Then I joined a fabulous mailing list. And when that time of year rolled around, it was discovered that several chatters had birthdays in a two week period in early November. All Scorpios. All assertive, colorful individuals in our own right. So I called us together, proclaimed us Scorpio Bitches, made a button, toasted bishounen, and partied.

So if you're proud to be a Scorpio, and or just admire the way we bitches operate, then this is the clique for you.

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