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How do you join this webclique? Much the same way the real clique got together. Here are the requirements, and what I need for proof:

You must be a Scorpio. This means being born between October 23 and November 22; I'm being generous on the cusps. (If you are not a Scorpio, you can still join the clique as a supporter, but your linkback will be in a different page.) More importantly, you must act like a Scorpio! I have met Scorpios who don't act it; they were just accidentally born in our sign. Try this quick Scorpio personality test to see if you apply, or click above on the "Scorpio" page. I need a birthday, i.e. month, day, and year, as well as your handle.

You MUST be a bitch. I'm not talking heartless cruelty here. You stand up for yourself, you say what you think, you do what you need to do, and you don't give a good goddamn what the world thinks. It's difficult to get proof of bitchery, but a short description and maybe even a testimonial will do. If you're not sure of your bitchiness, try's Bitch Test. (Don't worry, I'm only 39% bitch.)

If you have a website... well, seeing as my website is bordering on porn, I can't really be calling the kettle black. However! If the site hurts my eyes, crashes my computer, or breaks the law, then you have ventured where no cosmic bitch may follow. Even me. Tentacles, nudity, and unrestrained sap do not hurt my eyes. Clashing colors, frequent misspelling, flaming, and prejudice do. I need the URL of the page, and if it's different, the URL where the button is.

If you don't have a website, you may join! This is different from other cliques, eh? But I'm a bitch and it's my clique. All I need is a legit e-mail address. (You have the choice as to whether or not the addy is posted.)

You need to download a button! Not just any button. One of my buttons. It MUST be linked to If you're not a Scorpio, then, silly, get a "Proud to Love a Scorpio Bitch" button. No, you don't have to specify which bitch(es). If I go to your place and I don't see the button and the HTML code, I won't even bother. E-mail me all you want, I will ignore you till the button's up. (See? Bitchy. You getting the hang of this, honey?)

Send Me:

1. Handle / Nickname

2. Birthday (month, day, year)

3. Proof of Bitchery

4. E-mail address

5. URL of your homepage, if you have one

6. URL of the clique button

7. List your full / partial birthday?

(Don't forget the graphic, bitch! ^^)

Scorpion image by UshikaiO B L I G A T I O N S

This clique has a secret handshake. You should use it occasionally with other members, and definitely when you are "meeting" a fellow Scorp Bitch for the first time. (Like me, for instance.) When you are added to the clique, I will tell you what the "handshake" is. It helps if you know anime, but since *real* Scorpios are sexed up to the eyeballs, you'll probably be okay.

You will receive an e-mail reminder at the beginning of the Scorpio period to check birthdays. You can choose whether or not to post your birthday (with or without the year.) If it is listed, then you will receive at least one card from the clique collective. Cool, ne! You will also be expected to send at least one birthday card during this period... even if it is only to me. (Nov. 5! ^_^)

E-mail all this good stuff to! I process clique info every Friday, so don't expect anything till the weekends.

I encourage Scorpio Bitches to "visit" their fellow bitches! The original group is a great bunch, and hopefully we will add many new, fascinating Scorpios and Scorpio-Lovers. Network, baby! Scorpios like attention and power, and what better source than from other Scorpios. Be nice, of course; rule one with bitches is you don't know how far they can kick your ass until they do. ::snickers::

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