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the Constellation Scorpius So what's so special about Scorpios, anyway? Keep in mind, this only represents your Sun Sign, your core personality. You've got eight other planets all over your natal chart. Anyway, here's a quick rundown of the sign. (Keep in mind I think most of this is a load of bull, but just play along...)

The Scorpion (or Eagle; sometimes Serpent)
October 23 - November 21
Eighth House
Fixed, Water, Feminine
Ruled by Mars (ancient) and/or Pluto (modern)
Colors: Dark reds, maroon, crimson
Body part: Genitals, pelvis

Scorpio is the most powerful sign in the zodiac. Yup. That's us! We are all about passion, intensity, and power. There's either the high road or the low road for us. Choosing the low road... is not a good idea. Best not to mention that. Whatever our goals, we're dead set on them until we get there. People are intimidated by us sometimes. Just remember this handy quote I read in some horoscope book: "The weak are always frightened by the strong." Heh heh.

The constellation which the sign is based on, Scorpius, was supposedly sent after Orion to sting him to death. It worked, too. ^^ That's why you always see it chasing Orion around the sky. Scorpius actually rises around November 4, but the Sun Sign of Scorpio is part of a 30 degree slice of the sky, not just the constellation. Scorpios are very dangerous when attacked. Some scorpions are known to accidentally sting themselves (geez, that's smart) and so Scorpios are known to corner themselves sometimes.

The Eagle vs. Serpent thing I've only heard a couple of times. Basically there are Good Scorps... and EVIL Scorps. The Serpent-Scorpios are out of control, turbulent, and generally too bitchy for this clique. Watch out that this vindictive cruelty doesn't rub off on you too much... ::whistles innocently::

The Eighth House is the house of birth, death, and regeneration. This has a lot to do with Scorpio... we tend to be a bit macabre, as well as very productive. We like mysteries, we like weirdness, we don't flinch when the Twilight Zone music comes on-- we get excited. However, when change happens in our life it tends to be a major upheaval. Like a volcanic eruption. The good news is Scorpios also know how much volcanoes enrich the landscape, and can weather it out till everything starts growing again.

Being a fixed water sign puts us in an odd place. We're generally not dreamy or homebound like the other water signs. It's more like, still waters run deep. We're very secretive and have a lot of layers. This can freak people out sometimes ::giggles::. Also, Scorpios tend to look at the world very critically. We're not about superficiality; we want to know what's really going on.

Mars or Pluto. Heh, between the God of War and the God of Death I think you can figure out how Scorpio runs things. Mars is about aggression, meeting your goals, a very active sign. Pluto, the modern ruler, is about regeneration and change.

I'm not sure where the colors come from, but they do fit. It's not some bright cheery red (I think that's Aries) it's a deep blood red. And if you didn't know what body part your Sun Sign ruled, well, hell, you know now! LOL. Yes, Scorpio is in charge of the genitals. Scorpios have a reputation to be extremely passionate when it comes to sex... though that sometimes gets in the way of the relationship. (I remember this Cathy comic strip where she groused that this guy she liked was a Scorpio.)

So there you have it! Moody, intense, powerful, but at the same time very responsible, loyal, and effective. We go to the top because we belong there. We indulge because we deserve it. We love our friends because our enemies are all dead. ~_^

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