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Welcome to Simple Pleasures, the non-ecchi adoption center of Red for Pleasure. After working up a sweat in the boudoir, sometimes it's nice just to relax with the kitties and the pocket bishies. Have a look around, and please enjoy your stay.

This subsite is graphics heavy, so if you have a slow browser you might want to open up the rest of Red for Pleasure while it loads. Click here to open another window to RfP. (You also might want to use this page as a "safe" backup window in case someone's looking over your shoulder ~_^). If you have problems viewing the graphics, try reloading. Also, graphics theft is strictly prohibited.

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Be advised that the rest of the Red for Pleasure network is devoted to homosexual relationships and sex; those under the age of 18 are not permitted in those sections. Believe me, it's worth waiting for. Clicking to the main site is an automatic good-faith agreement that you are indeed old enough to view it.

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The Neko Room

The Neko Room
Pocket Bish Gyms

The Pocket Bish Gyms

Attention all new visitors! RfP is a YAOI site. That means anime bishounen in relationships together. All of "Simple Pleasures" is PG rated, but the rest of the site has explicit material. By clicking below you are verifying that you are 18+ years old and legally responsible for your actions.

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The Neko Room
Pocket Bish Gyms
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