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Here's where I went a little nuts adopting all kinds of catboys and catgirls from Ghost's Anime Page. Oooh, they're soooo kawaii!! ^___^ Just because I'm a Chihuahua Princess doesn't mean I don't have a weakness for kitties.

The room now shelters 36 kitties of all sizes, ages, and dispositions. It's so huge I've had to split it into the library and the den. Please watch where you step! I have found this room strangely relaxing, and I hope you will too. Now, to meet the kitties...

Trowa Kitty ::squeal:: TrowaKitty is just adorable! He's a real writer's cat... he likes quiet moments of just hanging out with the humans. He seems rather aloof, but he does come back to his corner with his share of tablescraps, string, and the occasional woodland creature. Quatre KittyHe's also very agile, even for a cat. Often he shares his take with QuatreKitty and DuoKitty.

QuatreKitty is one confused little cat. He *loves* to play; by far he's the most sociable of all the kitties. He's every bit the curious cat, always sniffing around all the nooks and crannies of the house, and falling off high places. He's protective of TrowaKitty and DuoKitty... although they really don't need it. In short, he gets his little feline bum bruised the most.

Abdul Kitty Abdul! Whattaguy. Cool as a cucumber, AbdulKitty loyally trails QuatreKitty, protecting the Blond One's territory. However, he's not above a wild night out with some warm milk and catnip.

Anubis Kitty Sh'ten-sama... meoooow. He's a little sphinx, isn't he? AnubisKitty loves to prowl the garden, and often brings home little Ronin rodents for his mommy. (Good thing she's the open-minded sort... and she also has a snake who doesn't mind the gift.) He likes to tussle with RowenKitty and KayuraKitty, but he's oddly protective of DuoKitty.

Cale Kitty CaleKitty is adept at blending into the shadows, and often only his bright eyes will give him away. He's definitely an outdoor cat, too. Sometimes he gets along better with the neighborhood dogs than the other kitties. He is easily annoyed with the nightly ruckus, and has batted at DuoKitty and splashed water on RowenKitty, much to AnubisKitty's consternation. By himself he's quite well-behaved; he loves a warm lap on a cold night.


Rowen Kitty Guess where RowenKitty likes to hang out? Yup, the top of the bookcase. Since that's the warmest spot, he often has to defend his turf. He's about even... win some, lose some. However, you can't trick him with that follow-the-flashlight game. He does love to watch the goldfish, and he's never landed in the bowl yet.

Kayura Kitty KayuraKitty is deceptively quiet. She has quite a yowl when she attacks, claws out and leaping high. Often you find her stalking the squeaky toy mouse and the yarn and other kitties' tails. Unlike QuatreKitty, though, she generally wins.

Trunks Kitty TrunksKitty is, in a word, paranoid. He jumps at every sound, and is very protective of his territory of the couch. He is an observant cat, though, and has quickly figured out how to anticipate the can opener. Because of this, the other kitties will often follow his lead.

Bulma Kitty BulmaKitty is in some ways as paranoid as her son, TrunksKitty. She'll freak out if her favorite pillow is occupied, or if the yarn is missing, but she doesn't blink when it comes to big dogs, loud noises, or (in one memorable instance) knocked over antique lamps. She's either found on the couch arm, on the TV, or near the computer mouse.

Washu Kitty Ah, Washu! As soon as she got home, she made a beeline for the computer and BulmaKitty. These two are always off somewhere plotting something (don't ask about the caramel popcorn ambush) but often as not they're hissing at each other. Most of the time, though, they are content to sit quietly on either side of the computer. WashuKitty is the more devious of the two, and does her share of flirting with the boy kitties.

Joe Kitty Poor Jyoukitty! He's totally neurotic. He's afraid of the squeaky mouse, for heaven's sake. But one thing for Jyou, he'll put it all on the line for younger kittens. Once he jumped in the half full bathtub to rescue TakeruKit! And he *hates* water. A lot of the other cats don't take Joe very seriously, but his caution often pays off. Joe is also the first kitty to figure out if one of the group is sick.


Hotaru Kitty What a shy kitten Hotaru is! She's commonly found with HarukaKitty and MichiruKitty, but more often she's curled up by herself on the bookshelf, or under a nightlight. Recently she's been spotted chasing fireflies with CaleKitty. RowenKitty is also nice to her. Very small for her age, yet she always manages to be around when you least expect it.

Haruka Kitty Tough and quick, HarukaKitty loves to race around underfoot. A true outdoor cat, she's often hunting with the other outdoor kitties. She's disdainful of the younger cats. She has a mean claw swipe, but because of her restless ways she doesn't defend any territories.

Michiru Kitty MichiruKitty is easily the most graceful of all the cats. All the others are very sociable with her, even the sullen ones like CaleKitty or KenKitty. She usually holds court on the piano, probably to keep an eye on the nearby fishbowl. She and HarukaKitty are inseparable, often disappearing together at odd hours.

Sakuya Kitty One of the best behaved kitties, SakuyaKitty takes the prize for most cheerful. Though she's a curious one, she's also very sharp, and can join any kitties in their activities. She does get a bit loud sometimes. She can make the quietest cats, like VanKitty or KayuraKitty, loosen up. She does not like to be left alone. Often she's found with OmiKitty, HildeKitty, and TakeruKitty.

Ryoko Kitty What a little pirate! Really. RyokoKitty's been banned from the kitchen, because she's made off with more than one fish dinner. She steals other kitties' toys, food, and once, DuoKitty's favorite pillow. Neither is she a favorite of the other female cats. Not a week goes by that she doesn't pick a fight with one of the girl kitties. However, she does like to watch the TV when it's on. Brock KittySoap operas and the Discovery Channel are her favorites.

BrockKitty is a frisky fellow. He annoys KayuraKitty, NoinKitty, ReiKitty, KiyoneKitty, and HildeKitty, though he has a bit more luck with RyokoKitty and the amiable SakuyaKitty. He's a real people-cat, and is often competing with QuatreKitty for attention.

There are more kitties waiting to meet you in the den

We hope you enjoyed your stay at the Neko Room! Please come again soon, the kitties love visitors. Oh, and since Shusu is so busy, she would like to hear about any kitty antics you may have spied in her absence. =^_^=

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