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Here's where I went a little nuts adopting all kinds of catboys and catgirls from Ghost's Anime Page. Oooh, they're soooo kawaii!! ^___^ Just because I'm a Chihuahua Princess doesn't mean I don't have a weakness for kitties.

The room now shelters 36 kitties of all sizes, ages, and dispositions. It's so huge I've had to split it into the library and the den. Please watch where you step! I have found this room strangely relaxing, and I hope you will too. Now, to meet the kitties...

Piccolo Kitty Ah, PiccoloKitty. A legendary fighter, most of the cats give him a wide berth. While quite serene at rest, he quickly becomes a fearsome foe at play. He's quick, extremely intelligent, and has an acute sense of hearing. It seems he's become accustomed to humans and cats alike, despite his aloofness. And given some of the things I've seen him do... this feline definitely has nine lives...

Fuu Kitty FuuKitty is one of the most rough-and-tumble females. You wouldn't know it to look at her! She likes to race around with HarukaKitty, and has gotten along well with RowenKitty. I'm not sure how she gets into trouble, but she's got no trouble getting out of it; she's as good a fighter as KayuraKitty. Hopefully I'll get a chance to spend a little more time with this kitling.

Kiyone KittyKiyoneKitty is a jumpy, active cat. She often prowls the same circuit several times in a row, and is always poking around. She holds her own in a fight, even with the bigger guy kitties. She gets annoyed very quickly, but calms down just as suddenly. Though she doesn't have a set territory, all the other kitties, NoinKitty and ZechsKitty included, allow her to stay the night in theirs.

Rei Kitty ReiKitty is a fiesty one! She'll come out with claws extended if she thinks you're bullying her around. Her introspective moods are best-- she loves to go outside, sit in the fallen leaves, and just watch the world go by. She gets along well with KayuraKitty.

Ami Kitty AmiKitty is a quiet cat, though restless. She moves from the bookcase to the computer to the window, and is always exploring. The other kitties get along with her well enough, but only ReiKitty and MakotoKitty regularly stick by her. She is a perceptive one, though, and is the first to comfort a sad kitty or human.

Makoto Kitty The kitchen is MakotoKitty's hangout. Unlike RyokoKitty, she's not there to steal food. I think she likes the smells. Funnily, she will spend a few days trailing a guy kitty before changing her mind and going after a different one! She is very protective of the younger kitties, though sometimes she uses a little too much force to defend them. MakotoKit also likes to climb trees and, with NoinKitty's blessing, watch thunderstorms at the window.

Duo Kitty Awww... DuoKitty is sleeping. Thank heavens! LOL. Usually the furball is all over the place, sniffing, scratching, rubbing, and generally making a ruckus in the Neko House. Duo has the 'night-crazies' too, so the breakables are generally kept away from him at night.

Van Kitty VanKitty is a hit with the ladies! RyokoKitty has taken to stalking him, especially. He can be a sweet kitty if you get him alone, but if you hurt any of the cats, he's one of the first ones on the scene. For some reason he likes to hang out with Zechs Kitty, as well.

Hilde Kitty Hilde is a perky one. She does the rub-and-purr routine regularly (my ankles get this fur collar!) and she generally sticks close to DuoKitty. She's also very playful, and holds her own against the boy kitties.

Achika and Nobuyuki Kitties Our cutest little love kittens! AchikaKitty and NobuyukiKitty are inseparable. They feel at home indoors or outdoors, in the kitchen, the library, or anywhere else, as long as they're together. They're both pretty easy-going, though AchikaKitty has shown herself to be capable of defending their space. Everyone hopes they'll add new kittens someday!

Ken Kitty I'm not sure I should have adopted Ken. He's cunning and strong, and keeps trying to usurp other cat's territories. He's also terribly skittish, and hardly eats with the others. But I think MattKitty and TakeruKitty are a positive influence on him.

Takeru Kitty TakeruKitty is the cutest little kitten. Every other kitty cuts him some slack, even when he bats at their tails. RowenKitty lets him sleep on the bookcase, DuoKitty likes to play mousenip with him, and sometimes NoinKitty will let him look out the window. He's usually found with his brother, MattKitty.

Omi Kitty OmiKitty is just adorable! This little Bombay can be found in the flower garden or pouncing on the computer. He's taken to Takeru very quickly, and they've become two of a kind. OmiKit also perfects his sneak attacks with DuoKitty. The gal kitties love him! However, he and QuatreKitty have been vying for turf lately, and that may get ugly...

Aya Kitty AyaKitty was not a sure adoption either. Surly and secretive, he guards his own space with a big yowl and claws extended. The only beings he'll acknowledge, cat or human, are OmiKitty and YohjiKitty. Though the female cats like being close to him, only SakuyaKitty and HotaruKitty are permitted to nap anywhere near him. Flying things and loud noises disturb him. He does love prowling among the roses in the garden.

Yohji Kitty Purrr. Yohji Kit has created quite a stir among the female kitties. Even the shyest kitten's drawn to his alleycat charms. Alas, this cat's all meow; he's protective of the girls but he's a loner. He's a nocturnal fellow, often found in the garden pining for some lost love. Besides playing with the yarn, he's the laziest cat alive! He loves to be petted and rubbed *g*. OmiKitty and AyaKitty are most often found with him, besides all the girls, of course.

Matt Kitty Oh heaven above, this little kitty is smooth! MattKitty gets into the cream, he gets into the nip, he gets into the kibbles, and then he just blinks at you, all innocent, with that "Who, me?" look. At night, when DuoKitty is tearing down the place, you can hear him on the fence, serenading the moon. He's mercurial at best... often wandering off on his own, or mixing it up with the other cats. He is very protective of TakeruKitty.

Noin Kitty Little Luca... proud as a panther. NoinKitty's one of the level-headed cats. She looks out for the younger cats. She's a cunning one, though... she always ends up with the most kibbles. She and ZechsKitty rule the windowsill - they like to ambush interlopers.

Zechs Kitty My little lion! ZechsKitty either thinks he's a dog or a bird. He plays alpha male pretty convincingly, often messing around with AnubisKitty or TrunksKitty. On the other hand, he loves to launch himself off high places. Not as active as DuoKitty, thank heavens. He likes to have his head scratched.


There are more kitties waiting to meet you in the library!

We hope you enjoyed your stay at the Neko Room! Please come again soon, the kitties love visitors. Oh, and since Shusu is so busy, she would like to hear about any kitty antics you may have spied in her absence. =^_^=

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