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I am a Trainer's Club Member!Gym List - Crimson (open, run by Mariemaia); Gold (open, run by Hilde); Forest (open, run by Makoto); Jet (open, run by Duo); Glacier (open, run by Ruki); Ivory (open, run by San); Sapphire (overflow, run by Quatre); Rosy (overflow, run by Mimi); Plum (open, run by Achika).

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Quatre hones leadership skills. The Sapphire Gym
Auxilliary Team

9 Bishoujo, 10 Bishounen

This redheaded rogue, Gene Starwind, is in many ways completely typical. He's got the starship, red as his hair. He's got the capable sidekick and the unlikely allies. He's got the quest for the secret of the universe. But there's a charming quality to his rough ways; he's not an effeminate bishounen, but a rough-and-tumble guy, rude and crude, and always up for a new adventure. He really knows how to squeeze every drop of fun out of life. Gene Starwind of Outlaw Star

Jim's got his hands full for an eleven year old. He's got to deal with an ornery ship and a ne'er-do-well hotshot partner. And they keep messing with his cars! Jim's a good guy for an anime brat, and he's much more mature than 20-year-old Gene. This whiz kid sidekick's as reliable as any adult. Jim Hawking of Outlaw Star

Funaho of Tenchi MuyoLady Funaho is Yosho's mother. She has a lot of things to say to her wayward son (Tenchi's grandfather) and she's savvy for a human queen of Jurai. Her verbal sparring with Washu was subtle and well-mannered at the same time. A dignified noblewoman, she knows her place in court. Her influence on her husband, Emperor of Jurai, is quite strong.

Kagato's the all-purpose Tenchi villain. You name the evil, he's done it. But really it's not the power, the ambition, or the big shiny spaceship. It's the tiny granny glasses. ^^;;; Kagato of Tenchi Muyo

Ryoohki of Tenchi MuyoFor a bit during Tenchi Muyo, Ryoohki the little cabbit was turned into Ryoohki the little girl. She sang a song for the Jurai Emperor and otherwise looked really freaky.

Mayuka of Tenchi MuyoI've no bloody idea who Mayuka is ^^;;; She's in one of the Tenchi movies.

Arashi of X/1999Arashi is the beautifully doomed girl who crosses destinies with Kamui. Oh wait... they're all beautiful and doomed ^^.

Professor Tomoe is really two characters in one. First there's Evil Tomoe, who is a mad scientist to the point of goofiness. And then there's Hotaru's dad, who cares a great deal about his little girl. On top of all of it, if you pay attention you'll notice that he's a fine looking bishounen! Nice guys like that shouldn't be possessed by ultimate evil. Professor Tomoe of Sailor Moon

The ancestor of our own Li Syaoran, he was a powerful magician who created the Clow Cards. I guess he was raised on Sanrio as a child ^^. He's also the 20th bishounen catch! Clow Read of Card Captor Sakura

Lina Inverse of SlayersHas there ever been a cooler gal? With more magic ability than most sorcerors get their hands on in a lifetime and a bigger appetite than some football teams, Lina Inverse turns everything upside down. Even if you hate her guts, you can't stop following her around...

Bulma of Dragonball ZBulma is one of the most brilliant minds of the universe... and she misses her hair dryer and her TV and where are those stupid Z fighters *anyway*?! In her own way, Bulma is fearless and driven, if a bit self-centered. She's forever stuck holding the dragonball... but she's the one with the Capsule Corporation gadgets which manage to save everyones' hides.

And what Pocket Bish collection would be complete without a Pokemon character? ^^ I love Brock. He's so unashamedly himself, falling hard for every pretty face, obsessed with the details of pokemon breeding, and an all-around easygoing guy. I was sad when he left for a while, saying that ship (a.k.a. house full of girls) needed a captain. His apron flapping in the wind. Hee hee. Brock / Takeshi of Pokemon

Sora of Digital MonstersY'know, Sora gets dissed way too much. Too butch, too clingy, too cute... too bad! She isn't my favorite character, but I don't think she deserves that much bashing. She's a pretty good voice of reason for the motley crew of Digimon 01.

If you missed the Digimon movie (more precisely, the third Digimon OAV), you missed this guy. For some reason the Digimon people think all Americans are blond and blue eyed... with fabulous results. Wallace is strangely endearing, despite the character design, and his love for his digimon is quite touching. Not to mention his talks with Daisuke ::snigger::. Wallace of Digimon the Movie

Tomoyo / Madison of Card Captor SakuraThis camera-wielding rich girl is not your typical heroine's-best-friend. She commissions most of Sakura's crazy costumes and tries to get every card capture on tape. Outgoing and self-assured, she's always got a word of encouragement for her friend, and doesn't shy away from dangerous Clow Cards.

Ahhh... Fujitaka, better known as Sakura's dad. Your basic, unassuming CLAMP bishounen. Yum! He cooks, he cleans, he's a professor, and he takes care of his mystically talented kids. Fujitaka of Card Captor Sakura

Nadesiko of Card Captor SakuraNadesiko was Sakura's bright, beautiful mother before she died when her daughter was three. Her absence is a dark spot in an otherwise happy family... one where magical powers seem to run... So perhaps she has not left completely.

Sapphire Gym is currently being used as overflow space. Members may not be permanent. Leaders may help in other gyms, as time permits.

Total: Bishoujos & Bishónen
In addition to their optional training and teaching, all bishies are trained in chi energy blasting, basic comedy, first aid and CPR, table manners, self-defense, origami, aerial navigation, photography and/or watercolors, infiltration, sword fighting, cooking with chocolate, and in some cases, deep massage.

Want to find out how the bishies are placed? How the gyms are run? Visit the Trainers' Lounge for behind-the-scenes details.

Gyms: Crimson (open, run by Mariemaia); Gold (open, run by Hilde); Forest (open, run by Makoto); Jet (open, run by Duo); Glacier (open, run by Ruki); Ivory (open, run by San); Sapphire (overflow, run by Quatre); Rosy (overflow, run by Mimi); Plum (open, run by Achika).

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