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I am a Trainer's Club Member!Gyms: Crimson (open, run by Mariemaia); Gold (open, run by Hilde); Forest (open, run by Makoto); Jet (open, run by Duo); Glacier (open, run by Ruki); Ivory (open, run by San); Sapphire (overflow, run by Quatre); Rosy (overflow, run by Mimi); Plum (open, run by Achika).

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The Hellion is a tough taskmaster! The Crimson Gym
First-Caught, Lead Team

11 Bishoujo, 13 Bishounen

My First-Caught Gillian Anderson!My very own catch! I'm sorry the pic cuts out her lovely lips, I had to leave out the print. Gillian Anderson is one of the best actresses of our age, and she gets the least respect. This diminuitive gal has five times the acting awards of her long-time co-star, yet had to fight for half the salary. But enough of that! Gillian is a pro, yet so spiritual, and turns in moving performances on a regular basis.

My First-Caught Iria!My second catch! She has the guts, the grace, a big heart, and lots of ambition to get her bounty hunter's license, just like her big brother. Unfortunately, tragedy finds her, and her life grinds to a halt and pulls a 180. And still she comes out with guns blazing! For all the wonders of her technologically advanced world, only Iria has the courage and skill to defend it.

The epitome of cool. Thin as a stick, graceful as water, smokes like a chimney and drinks like a fish. But wait, that's not how Spike is. He's a master of hand-to-hand combat, an expert shot, and a former Syndicate member. No, that's not it either. An amazing pilot, a con man, a pickpocket, a faithless rogue who says, "If it happens, it happens." Oh, and there's that fateful triad with Vicious and Julia. He's been blown up, thrown out, beat up, shot, stabbed, strangled... did I mention he's a bounty hunter on the Bebop? Keep an eye on him. Spike Spiegel of Cowboy Bebop... get everybody and his stuff together, okay, 3, 2, 1, let's jam!

Achika of Tenchi MuyoAchika is Tenchi Masaki's mother. She's the only child of Yosho, prince of Jurai. You can see her in one of my favorite movies of all time, Tenchi Muyo in Love. In my opinion she's a stronger, more interesting character than any of the other ladies in Tenchi's life. And of course, a gal who can handle a sword that big is a winner in my book ^_^. It's so sad that she died so young ::bawls::.

TK shot up like a weed! The cute little crybaby became this lanky preteen dreamboy. The bright colors and the Gilligan hat and the haircut need work... but he's got a mean punch, bodily throws himself between his friends and danger, and white boy *can* jump! And the biggest plus-- he still has room on his hat for Patamon! Hee hee. He and Pata snoring away are the cutest thing. (RfP note: Takeru is now Shusu's cabana boy.) Takeru of Digimon

Omittchi! Though he's far too genki for his own good, the youngest Weiß assassin has an angsty, compelling backstory that's as twisted as anything else in this anime. Yet he still manages to arrange missions, ace school, work at the flower shop, and face death and destruction on a regular basis. Highly intelligent, always on target, this one's not always as sweet and innocent as he seems... Omi of Weiß Kreuz

Hexadecimal of ReBootHexadecimal... *growl*. One of the ultimate evil bitches ever. She's a virus. She's insane. And she doesn't care what she breaks, as long as she has FUN! Mwahahahaa! You can't really capture her Evil in this still screencap; you've got to see her in her mask-changing, evil-laughing, sadistic-plotting mischief-mongering best.

Duo-chan!! Do I need to explain to you why I caught this one? He's an awfully popular bishie for many good reasons. Yes, the braid is rather fascinating to people. But it's his *personality*, his battle bravado, and of course, his Japanese seiyuu and American voice actor, which really puts him on the map. He may be Duo, but he's one of a kind. Duo Maxwell of Shin Koudesenki Gundam Wing

Lady Kayura of Yoroiden Samurai TroopersLady Kayura... unless you've got an Ancient staff on you, she will whup your armored butt! She slices, she dices, she screams, and looks so delicate doing it too. That's because she's twelve years old! The perfect combination of beautiful and deadly. Whatsa matter, boys? Can't handle a little girl power? ::snicker::

You mean you've never heard of Gren? Awww, you're missing something *good*. Gren is Iria's older brother. He's a bounty hunter. Fearless. Professional. Owns a really BIG gun. I won't give away the ending, but he's involved in more angst than Zechs has ever set his eyes on. Yes, that's right, I think he easily tops Zechs. One shake of his hair beads and I'm on the floor. ::sigh:: Gren of Iria: Zeiram the Animation

Sailor Neptune of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor MoonAh, Neptune... she's a really gorgeous gal, musical, artistic, fashionable. But not one to be trifled with, lest you end up at the wrong end of her Neptune Deep Submerge. Remember, she was fighting by herself for a long time, without her companion Haruka ~_^. I'll always remember her in that one scene where she's dreaming in the ocean. Mmm...

Sailor Uranus of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor MoonA tomboy with a need for speed, Amara / Haruka is one tough cookie. She's one of the few Sailor Senshi who actually looks like she can inflict harm while wearing that miniskirt. She's a complex character too... that poignant scene where she wonders how much her hands have been dirtied still makes me tear up. Oh, and she's very close to Michiru... ~_^

Kujuurou (his real name) never used to be one of my favorites. Then I started writing him into some lemons. Heh heh. He is one manly guy. Warlord of Darkness and Winter, associated with all things canine. Rrrowwr. I still have a problem with his freaky wonderbra armor, but he's good with a sword, great with his attacks, and does the primal evil thing real well. Cale / Anubisu of Yoroiden Samurai Troopers

Touma-chan!!! He has to be one of the most wanted bishounen of all time. Brains, beauty, and unruly hair. What more can you want? He's like the Bugs Bunny of anime... he can pull off clueless nerd, sex maniac, next door neighbor, comic relief, younger brother, drag queen, best friend, driven genius, and still be home in time to Shin Ku Ha bad guys into the next state. (Fanfic is great, isn't it?) Click here to see both pictures of Touma.

Seiji... a mystery to women (there is still confusion over whether he flirts with them or is afraid of them), a master of swords, a traditionalist born into a contemporary world. Of course, there is the alternate Seiji, the sexy blond alpha male who is always in control. Whichever Sage it is, some things are certain: the hair is supernatural, the no-dachi is sharp, and the eye(s) see more than they reveal. Date Seiji of Yoroiden Samurai Troopers

Lucrezia Noin of Shin Koudesenki Gundam WingLuca! I love you! I can overlook your unhealthy blond bishounen addiction, 'cause you kick mobile suit butt! Noin is an amazing pilot, a great teacher, and did I mention she kicks butt? So angst-ridden too. She does need some fashion tips, but by Endless Waltz she's safely in a Preventers uniform.

BIG GREEN JELLYBEAN! Hard shell on the outside, sweet and chewy on the inside. What, you're not a specieist, are you? Those pecs, those broody eyes, that troubled brow, that handy regenerative ability *gooosh*... how can you not like Mr. Piccolo? He also used to be a baddie, before he was charmed by Gohan. He not only has an energy cannon, he has fangs and antennae. Yum... Piccolo of Dragonball Z

TruUNNnks! Son of the one of the greatest fighters in the Universe (that would be Vegeta) and the smartest woman on Earth (that would be Bulma), he's ahead of the game at birth. And he grows up to be a hunk of Super Saiyan goodness! So much father-son angst, universe-saving fighting, and blushing at his mother. What a guy. Trunks of Dragonball Z

Sakura Kinomoto / Avalon of Card Captor SakuraThis kid is something else. She endures her friend's fashion advice, her brother's teasing, and her stuffed animal's appetite. Oh yeah, and she has to capture these magic cards too. She's a spunky kid, and holds her own against Li. (I love that scene where they're talking about fear in the middle of the night.) She's also cute without being annoying! Take that, you kawaii brats!

Jyou! One of the few late-blooming bishounen, Jyou began as a nerdy worrywart and grew up to be a handsome, hot worrywart. Nowadays he's always studying (he wants to become a doctor), but he still has time for Digiworld emergencies. He's not so uptight now, and as the oldest he always has a kind word and some good advice for the younger Chosen Children. (RfP note: Shusu is Jyou's bitch. Really. He said so himself.) Jyou of Digital Monsters

Ohhhh Ken... the cruelty... the angst... the madness... the tears... Ken is one of the most complicated, intelligent, and conflicted characters I've ever encountered. And he excels at everything, from school to soccer to taking over the Digital World. I just want to give him a big hug. Ken of Digital Monsters

Sakuya of Tenchi MuyoI don't know why, but I like this girl. Sakuya is Tenchi's erstwhile girlfriend when he moves to Tokyo. They have good chemistry together; they both want something to happen, but watch the identical eye-rolls when someone teases them. But she has a deep dark secret... so secret she doesn't know it herself! That last scene with Tenchi was just a tearjerker. Oh, the angst...

Shutendouji is the backbone of the Samurai Troopers show. As the Warlord of Cruelty, he's evil incarnate. As the Ancient's successor, he's wise and benevolent. And he's one of the better fighters, too. Few shows have such a complex character. Oh yeah, did I mention he's a handsome devil? ^_^ ::sniff:: So noble... ::bawls:: Shuten of Yoroiden Samurai Troopers

Sailor Saturn / Hotaru of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor MoonHotaru! My fave goth girl. Soldier of Destruction. Yeah, that's right. That little, sickly girl has a blade that works, and a power which destroys *worlds*. How cool is that? And oh, the angst. This girl was built for angst. She has an awesome room, too, with all those lamps and the blacklight... and the glaive! She pointed that thing at Sailor Moon and stopped her dead. Go girl!

Crimson Gym. Trainer, Maia (Hellion).
Ranks (in order): Trunks, Piccolo, Duo, Spike, Touma, Kayura, Iria, Hotaru, Omi, Sh'ten, Achika, Jyou, Kujuurou (Cale), Gren, Takeru, Noin, Sakuya, Ken Ichijouji, Michiru, Haruka, Hexadecimal, Sakura.
Leaders. Bishounen ~ Trunks, Duo, Touma. Bishoujo ~ Achika, Noin, Kayura.
Yaoi Captains ~ Seiji, Omi. Yuri Captains ~ Haruka, Michiru.
Academics ~ Touma, Sakuya.
Aerial Navigation ~ Touma, Trunks, Spike.
Angst management ~ Gren, Sakuya, Hotaru, Omi.
Art ~ Michiru, Gillian.
Archery ~ Touma, Omi.
Bounty hunting ~ Iria, Spike.
Chi control ~ Piccolo, Haruka.
Chibi management ~ Sakura, Takeru.
Chocolate ~ Duo.
Comedy ~ Duo, Jyou (with Gomamon).
CPR ~ Kayura, Trunks.
Computers ~ Hexadecimal, Ken Ichijouji, Omi.
Domestic managers ~ Achika, Michiru.
Double agent training ~ Sakuya, Sh'ten, Hotaru, Piccolo.
Evil ~ Hexadecimal, Para Para, Kujuurou.
Floral arrangement ~ Omi, Michiru.
Firearms & close combat ~ Spike, Gren, Sh'ten.
Good ~ Achika, Sakura.
Magic usage ~ Sakura, Kayura.
Massage ~ Trunks, Sh'ten.
Meditation ~ Piccolo, Sh'ten, Gillian, Seiji.
Medicine ~ Jyou, Seiji.
Music ~ Michiru, Seiji.
Physical conditioning ~ Trunks, Kujuurou, Gren.
Sword fighting ~ Kujuurou, Achika, Seiji.
Wardrobe ~ Michiru.
Leaders may help in other gyms, as time permits.

Mariemaia: This is the premiere gym of RfP, a member of the Pocket Bishoujo's Trainer's Club and recipient of a Master's Badge. These are Shusu's favorites; here you will find catches with high power levels, intelligence, and angst.

Total: Bishoujos & Bishónen
In addition to their optional training and teaching, all bishies are trained in chi energy blasting, basic comedy, first aid and CPR, table manners, self-defense, origami, aerial navigation, photography and/or watercolors, infiltration, sword fighting, cooking with chocolate, and in some cases, deep massage.

Want to find out how the bishies are placed? How the gyms are run? Visit the Trainers' Lounge for behind-the-scenes details.

Gyms: Crimson (open, run by Mariemaia); Gold (open, run by Hilde); Forest (open, run by Makoto); Jet (open, run by Duo); Glacier (open, run by Ruki); Ivory (open, run by San); Sapphire (overflow, run by Quatre); Rosy (overflow, run by Mimi); Plum (open, run by Achika).

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