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I am a Trainer's Club Member!Gyms: Crimson (open, run by Mariemaia); Gold (open, run by Hilde); Forest (open, run by Makoto); Jet (open, run by Duo); Glacier (open, run by Ruki); Ivory (open, run by San); Sapphire (overflow, run by Quatre); Rosy (overflow, run by Mimi); Plum (open, run by Achika).

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Hilde's a great motivator. The Gold Gym
Back-up Team

8 Bishoujo, 11 Bishounen

Mariameia Khushrenada of Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz Mariameia (Maia, I call her) gets on a lot of people's nerves. She starts a useless war, she puts a lot of people in danger, and doesn't stop once it starts falling apart. But I've always been impressed with her utterly evil composure at the beginning of Endless Waltz... as only a seven-year-old who is going to take over the world can muster ::evil laugh::

Ah, Sexy Zechs. The man who can't decide on his name, his mobile suit, his friends, or how high to pull up his pants. But the mask, the flowing Herbal Essences platinum blond hair, and the sweetly sonorous voice has made whole regiments of drooling G-fans fall over like a bottle of Wild Turkey. And oh yeah, he's an amazing pilot too ^^. Zechs of Shin Koudesenki Gundam Wing

Julia of Cowboy BebopAh, Julia, so beautiful... "like an angel from the Underworld... or maybe a devil from Paradise." Spike calls her his other half, the only one who really understands him. More than just a typical long-lost love, even the traces of her passing are as enigmatic as the Mona Lisa's smile. She is a promise of the past, the dream of the present, and an omen of the future...

Guardian of the Clow Cards, ruled by the moon, the Judge of the Card Captor. Yue is an impressive creature indeed. This towering, barefoot, silver-haired angel can be cold and unyielding. But he will protect the true Card Captor at any cost. Oh yes, he's a CLAMP bishonen, which makes him meltingly gorgeous. *swoon* Yue of Card Captor Sakura

A sexy winged horse dude in love with a pre-schooler. Oookay. But one look at him, naked, suspended upside down in Queen Nehelinia's webby thorn cage, and he could be a giant batpig for all I care ^^. He's also got a cute lil horn crystal on his forehead. Helios of Sailor Moon

Suzuka of Outlaw StarAh, Suzuka, cool as a cucumber and oh-so-lethal. An assassin who kills before sunset, she somehow ends up joining Gene's crew. Supposedly she finds them intriguing. She has many secret techniques, and with her wooden sword can take on any opponent, no matter how dangerous they are. Hey, any gal who can split a moving bus in two is definitely an ally in my book; I wouldn't want to be her enemy...

Irvine is sexy. And Irvine knows it. The best shot in all the Gardens, he flirts with all the girls and generally has a good time looking like a honey-slathered cowboy. Underneath (besides the smooth skin) the man's under a lot of pressure, and got a lot of interesting memories. My 80th bishonen catch! (What took me so long?!) Irvine Kinneas of Final Fantasy VIII

Yohji Kudoh. Playboy. Assassin. Florist... florist?! Well, it's not like he gets up in time to do any work in the shop. This chain-smoking ex-detective is the playah of the group, and is always ready to turn the charm on any girl over eighteen. He has some deep, messed-up reasons for keeping his bed warm though, ones that has him as tangled up as his victims. ::sigh:: Whatever. He's a playah. ^^ Heerrre, kitty kitty kitty... Yohji of Weiß Kreuz

Ryoko of Tenchi MuyoRyoko. The very name conjures visions of space pirating, sake guzzling, bathhouse flashing, and an impish face popping out of solid objects. She's one of the toughest gals in anime going after one of the most unavailable bachelors in anime. And one helluva party girl! She's my 25th bishoujo catch, too.

Hotsuma is one of the best lackey villains I've ever seen. He's cool, calm, and takes on Ryoko like she's Blueberry Hill instead of K-2. I was hooked when he locked her in that hold, and just purred his news like a levitating Iago. Mmmm... no one should be that good at being bad. Hotsuma of Tenchi Muyo

Kiyone of Tenchi MuyoKiyone should get a medal just for putting up with Mihoshi. She's a standout Galaxy Policewoman who just can't catch a break. She and her ditzy partner get into situations so strange and hilarious, it's a no wonder none of it was covered at the Academy! She keeps her cool when she's needed, and tries not to twitch when Mihoshi gets them demoted or when Washu yanks her out of a bath into a mid-air dimensional hole ::giggles::.

Sailor Mercury / Ami of Sailor MoonAmy is one of the best blue-haired bishies. She's introspective, super-smart, and does pretty well with a bubble bath attack. Plus she gets the cool VR glasses. Atypical of most smarty-pants characters, she experiences self-doubt about her path in life. Her compassionate nature makes her very protective of young people, and leads her to a career in medicine. Best of all, her poetic side is just as passionate as her analytical side.

Part time bookworm, part time Super Saiyan savior of the world! This kid takes after Dad (Goku)... we watch him grow up from a bawling rugrat with immense untapped powers, to a scared but spunky fighter, to an unimaginably powerful defender of Earth. And home in time to finish his homework. What a guy! Gohan of Dragonball Z

Usually the role of "best friend" is a sucky one. Unless you're Goku's best friend. Krillin isn't into unnecessary heroics... hey, I'd be pretty scared if I went up against that much world-destroying power on a regular basis. He'll fight when he has to, even against overwhelming odds, and his Destructo Disc attack is no mere light show. This plucky lil bald fellow is just who you want at your back. Krillin of Dragonball Z

Juuhachi / Android 18 of Dragonball ZShe's beautiful and deadly... and she was programmed that way. The stunningly cold Android 18 has the fighting moves. Stumbling into humanity, picking her fashions, or just plain destroying the world, this gal has a complete arsenal of bishoujo-ness. My 20th bishoujo catch, qualifying me for trainer status ^^.

Cocky and cruel, Android 17 is just as formidable as his twin sister. He kills without a second thought, yet has an almost human attachment to his independence from his mad creator. His arrogance got him in the end, but his impressive fighting against Piccolo made for one of the best fights in DBZ. Juunanagou / Android 17 of Dragonball Z

Touya is your typical hunky older brother -- he snoops, he bugs, he teases. Oh yeah, and he's a cute CLAMP bishonen. He gives Sakura a hard time, and hates Li, but he really watches out for his lil sis. Especially when he gets that weird feeling about that stuffed animal of hers... He'll also do anything for his best friend, Yukito. ^_^ Touya of Card Captor Sakura

Yuki-chan! This adorable lanky boy is the darling of everyone in his CLAMP bishounen town. He has a tremendous appetite, a kind heart, and a secret so secret he doesn't know it himself! He's very close to Touyo and Sakura, and is often found hanging out with them. Yukito of Card Captor Sakura

Nancy / Natsuko of Digital MonstersYes, this is Matt and Takeru's mom. And. She. Is. A. Hottie. Live with it! She goes around in this tight black tanktop and Gap pants, stacked and ready for mall-walking and changing the Patamon litterbox. Now we know where Matt gets his angst gene from ^^. Kawaii begets kawaii, I guess.

Gold Gym. Trainer, Hilde (Noin, Jr.)
Ranks (in order): Zechs, Yue, Ryoko, Irvine, Suzuka, Julia, Maia, Helios, Krillin, Mercury (Ami), Natsuko, Yohji, Android 18, Android 17, Hotsuma, Touya, Yukito.
Leaders. Bishounen ~ Zechs, Yue, Yohji. Bishoujo ~ Ryoko, Natsuko, Julia.
Yaoi Captains ~ Touya, Yukito. Yuri Captains ~ Kiyone, Ryoko.
Academics ~ Ami, Gohan.
Aerial Navigation ~ Ryoko, Yue.
Assassination ~ Suzuka, Yohji, Irvine.
Angst management ~ Zechs, Julia, Maia.
Art ~ Helios, Mercury.
Career advancement ~ Kiyone, Zechs.
Chibi management ~ Natsuko, Touya.
Chi control ~ Yue, Ryoko, Gohan.
Chocolate ~ Yukito.
Comedy ~ Irvine, Ryoko.
CPR ~ Hotsuma, Ami.
Computers ~ Ami.
Domestic managers ~ Natsuko, Touya.
Double Agent training ~ Zechs, Ryoko.
Evil ~ Hotsuma, Android 17, Android 18.
Firearms & close combat ~ Irvine, Julia, Gohan, Krillin.
Good ~ Yue, Helios, Yukito.
Magic usage ~ Yue, Helios, Touya.
Massage ~ Yohji.
Medicine ~ Ami, Julia.
Meditation ~ Helios.
Physical conditioning ~ Krillin, Gohan.
Space piracy ~ Ryoko, Hotsuma.
Sword fighting ~ Zechs, Suzuka.
Subterfuge ~ Julia, Hotsuma, Yohji.
Wardrobe ~ Yohji, Android 18, Irvine.

Leaders may help in other gyms, as time permits.

Hilde: This is a great gym. Many of us are used to working alone, or for different teams, but we've got tons of expertise... and tons of firepower. With proper training, we'll be working well with Crimson Gym.

Total: Bishoujos & Bishónen
In addition to their optional training and teaching, all bishies are trained in chi energy blasting, basic comedy, first aid and CPR, table manners, self-defense, origami, aerial navigation, photography and/or watercolors, infiltration, sword fighting, cooking with chocolate, and in some cases, deep massage.

Want to find out how the bishies are placed? How the gyms are run? Visit the Trainers' Lounge for behind-the-scenes details.

Gyms: Crimson (open, run by Mariemaia); Gold (open, run by Hilde); Forest (open, run by Makoto); Jet (open, run by Duo); Glacier (open, run by Ruki); Ivory (open, run by San); Sapphire (overflow, run by Quatre); Rosy (overflow, run by Mimi); Plum (open, run by Achika).

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