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March 2001 Placement and Move

[The meeting table is decked out with sub sandwiches and a large bowl of melon balls, strawberries, and raspberries. Papers are already strewn all over the meeting table. Shusu and the other gym trainers enter.]

Shusu: Okay guys, here's the deal. Small Pleasures as a site may well be the first one to move in. Plus, we've abandoned Tripod for the time being and are sticking with

Mariamaia: I'm concerned about those popup ads.

Shusu: Well, my friend Wiggle said that html tag should get rid of the banners. I'll check them later.

Quatre: What's our status on the FTP?

Shusu: All the catches and the template page are downloaded thanks to the FTP. I still need to make those other buttons... those will take me the longest time. And we can't open without them.

Duo: Saa, don't sweat it, Shusu-san. All the hard work's done.

Makoto: I don't think so. All the hard work's just beginning! We have to set up your gym, remember.

Shusu: Hey, hey, one thing at a time. We're working fast this meeting but we should be meticulous. First of all, I've got six new catches, 3 boys and 3 girls.

Hilde: It should have been four girls, but my picture isn't up yet at Pocket Bishoujo!

Shusu: Stupid Tripod. Ah well. Stuff happens. New catches are Van, Wufei, Joe, Satsuki, Eboshi, Lady Tokimi. So, 45 Bishoujo and 47 Pocket Bishounen. 92 catches in all, without Hilde. Let's have the roll call so we can figure out the last assignments.

Mariemaia: Trunks, Piccolo, Duo, Touma, Kayura, Hotaru, Sh'ten, Achika, Kujuurou, Gren, Takeru, Noin, Sakuya, Ken Ichijouji, Michiru, Haruka, Hexadecimal, Li, Sakura, Para Para. Minus Taichi and Yamato, plus Jyou and Omi. 11 Bishoujo, 12 Bishounen.

Hilde: Lina, Zechs, Ryoko, Vegeta, Helios, Krillin, Mercury (Ami), Kagero, Natsuko, San, Android 18, Hotsuma, Angewomon, Angemon, Touya, Yukito, Wallace. Picking up Matt and Tai, and Yohji, Suzuka and Mariamaia. Oh, and Android 17. 11 Bishoujo, 13 Bishounen.

Makoto: You go, Duo. I'm overflow.

Duo: Uh okay. Yugi, Midii, Fisheye, Jeice, Dilandau, Brad, Schuldig, Nagi, Farfie, Elisa, Gambit, Rogue, Kagato, Zarbon, Arashi, Yuzuriha, and Zoicite. Adding Satsuki, Lady Eboshi and Lady Tokimi. So that's 9 Bishoujo and 11 Bishounen.

Shusu: That's not in order?

Duo: Nope. They're pretty hard to corral. But wait... hang on. Aha! Here it is.

Quatre: You're worse than Shusu-san.

Shusu: I heard that, Quat-chan. Spit it out, Duo.

Duo: Lady Tokimi, Yugi, Arashi, Kagato, Zoicite, Satsuki, Nagi, Rogue, Gambit, Yuzuriha, Brad, Lady Eboshi, Schuldig, Dilandau, Zarbon, Jeice, Fisheye, Farfarello, Elisa, Midii. Tough calls, all of them. I've got some serious fire power here!

Shusu: That you do. You're Special Forces after all. Though Black Ops may be a better word for it. You'll be training this bunch hard, and you'll be doing it individually. Only Schwarz, the X-Men, and the Ginyu members are used to working together. Pinpoint operations, or whenever we need an overwhelming force.

Duo: Aye aye!

Makoto: Ummm... what kind of operations would you send them on?

Shusu: That's on a need-to-know basis. Mariamaia, you will have full security and physical access to Jet Gym's operations, in case any of them need containment. Hilde, you'll have physical access for the same reason. Got that?

Hilde: Okay!

Shusu: So. Makoto-chan, Quatre-san. We have some serious overflow to work with here.

Quatre: That we do. I'm wondering why we don't just open up Forest Gym already.

Shusu: We might. We'll see how this goes. Let's do the math... we just accounted for 31 Bishoujo and 36 Bishounen. Heh, almost equal to our current count. That should leave 15 Bishoujo, counting Hilde, and 11 Bishounen.

Makoto: Mayuka, Lady Funaho, Jessica Rabbit, Nadesiko Kinomoto, Sally, Meiran, Washu, Sora, Mimi, Ryoohki, Guinan, Tomoyo, Catherine Bloom, Aya-chan, and Hilde, when we catch her. Yup, fifteen.

Quatre: Fujitaka Kinomoto, Van, Clow Reed, Wufei, Ken, Aya, John Crichton, Heero, Brock, Gene Starwind, Professor Tomoe. Eleven.

Shusu: Okay. Let's make this simple. Mayuka, Ryoohki, Clow Reed, John Crichton,, Guinan, Sora, and Nadesiko will go to Quatre's place. Just keep an eye on them, okay, Quat?

Quatre: Gotcha.

Shusu: Makoto, we'll open up Forest Gym. Next month we can look through Forest, Gold, and Crimson, and rearrange things. Make note: your permanent members will be Jessica, Sally, Meiran, Wufei, Washu, Mimi, Van, Tomoyo, Cathy, Ken, Aya, Brock, Fujitaka, and Professor Tomoe. And I'll probably keep Aya-chan in there 'cause of Ran. I may decide to keep Nadesiko and Fujitaka together, and if more catches open up, I'll move Matt and Tai to you as well.

Makoto: Sounds great!

Shusu: The thing is, because your gym will be open but not operational, I don't want you to rank your catches yet. We have enough team captains from Gold and Crimson to worry about that.

Duo: This is really shaping up, huh?

Hilde: Sure is!

Shusu: Alas, we have more work. Next month when we reassign people, I may open another gym run by Achika, the Lavender Gym. More than twenty images a page is just too many. I'll forgive it in Crimson Gym, but there has to be a better way in the other gyms. If image quality improves for the Ronins, remaining G-boys, Sailor Senshi and the Z fighters, we'll have many more catches than we can deal with. Mimi is also waiting in the sidelines as an overflow trainer.

Quatre: I take it Lavender and Sapphire gyms will work closely together?

Shusu: Yes, you'll probably have a wealth of minor characters to deal with. But that's a ways down. Next month Achika will join our meetings, whether or not the gym opens.

Makoto: I'm looking forward to seeing her.

Mariamaia: She's a great girl. I like her.

Shusu: Now we have some housekeeping. Crichton's and Guinan's pictures did not make it through FTP. I have to re-upload them. And I am real bummed about your picture, Hilde.

Hilde: Check again, maybe it was put up.

Shusu: Yes, I'll do that after lunch. Otherwise, I need to do those buttons sometime, put together those gyms, upload our minutes, and... oh yes, Hilde, I'm going to change your text color so the gold's more readable.

Hilde: Sure. I'll start looking into it.

Shusu: Otherwise, everyone just stay calm and go down the checklist. It's a big move but we've got a lot of time and everything's planned out. Also, make note of personnel problems. We'll deal with them next month, okay? Oh! Almost forgot. How are the training schemes working out?

Mariamaia: I've added an archery section for Omi and Touma. A few other things. Not many big changes.

Hilde: Yamato and Taichi are fitting right in. Yohji's taken over quite a few jobs. I have him working with Suzuka in assassinations.

Duo: Assassins? Sounds like a category for my gym.

Shusu: Duo, you've already got too many assassins. I hardly think any of them need training.

Duo: True. I had to do away with the whole 'evil training' category. Who needs it? There are way too many high ki energy people in my gym. Lady Tokimi for one scares everybody. Including Farfie. Anyway, I think I have the most new training categories; and I eliminated a whole bunch too. And there's also our other projects.

Quatre: Like what?

Duo: Aha, if I told you I'd have to kill you.

Quatre: [sweatdrop]

Mariamaia: Shusu-san, did you notice all the main gyms have a redheaded bishoujo starting off?

Shusu: Yes, actually. That's why Jessica Rabbit is leading off Forest Gym. And why you are leading off Gold Gym. [shrugs] I guess I just have a thing for redheads. That's another thing. I think you've all figured out by now that gym leaders can't belong to their own gym.

Makoto: Hey Shusu-san, what about that other idea we were talking about?

Shusu: Fanfiction? I don't know. I need to take care of Sub Rosa before I entertain any more guest fiction. But that would be an idea. We have so many RPGers who would be interested in doing fanfic of our gyms.

Duo: That would be so sweet.

Shusu: And then there's the problem of whether or not we'll allow hentai. I suppose I could just do a warning page, ne? But this is all very far into the future. For now we should concentrate on making our new home comfortable and getting everyone started on the training regimen. Oh yeah! Man, I'm disorganized.

Hilde: What is it?

Shusu: I'm going to switch the Pocket Bishonen Webring to the Simple Pleasures page. I think it wouldn't hurt to have a little traffic even if some of the links aren't working. That, and I'll probably forget to do it later. Okay! I think that's all for now. We probably won't have a meeting until late April so just sit tight and try to relax, okay? Meeting's adjourned.

Next Meeting

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Gyms: Crimson (open, run by Mariemaia); Gold (open, run by Hilde); Forest (open, run by Makoto); Jet (open, run by Duo); Glacier (open, run by Ruki); Ivory (open, run by San); Sapphire (overflow, run by Quatre); Rosy (overflow, run by Mimi); Plum (open, run by Achika).

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