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April 2001 Placement Meeting 1

[A large spread of fried rice, flavored meats, fruits, iced fruit drinks, steamed clams, and fresh salad is arranged over the table. Seven plates are set, each with a chocolate Easter egg. Everything can be eaten with chopsticks or toothpicks.]

Duo: Woo-hoo! This is a feast!

Makoto: This is really impressive.

Shusu: Everyone, we have a lot to celebrate here at the gyms. We not only broke our 100th catch, we broke our 120th! Eight of those catches are also the Pocket Bishoujo Gym catches, which means we qualify for a Master Trainer badge.


Shusu: Last but not least, I'd like to welcome a new trainer to our little club- Achika, from Tenchi Muyo.

Achika: Hello everyone.

Mariamaia: Welcome to our crazy group, Achika-san.

Hilde: Yeah, we're kinda wild sometimes, but we're okay.

Quatre: We look forward to working with you.

Achika: Thank you. Please, just call me Achika. As it is, I've already been given the task of housing the Bishoujo Gym badges. I'm overseeing Demona of Gargoyles, Filia of Slayers, Tira Misu of Bakaretsu Hunters, Shayla-Shayla of El Hazard, Fuu of Magic Knights Rayearth, Cherry of Saber Marionettes, Sakura of Sakura Wars, Sayaka of Battle Skippers. Shayla-Shayla is the 50th Bishoujo catch.

Duo: Great job, Shusu-san!

Mariamaia: That must have been a tough battle.

Shusu: Well, Pocket Bishoujo hadn't updated in a while, and I really wanted to catch Demona. I kinda got carried away.

Hilde: Is the Pocket Bishoujo slowdown going to affect us?

Shusu: Yes. I won't do the next update until we have a little chance to catch more bishoujo. It's worrisome that she's had submissions open for several days and hasn't closed it yet. People may have lost interest, or are too busy to submit. If that's the case, I'll try to get Iria in myself.

Quatre: We're heavily unbalanced with Bishounen.

Shusu: There's a reason for that. The latest upgrades and new catches are *amazing*! A lot of my all-time favorites have been added. Unfortunately, that will require a lot of shuffling, so we need to start preliminary planning right now. Mephisto, Jim Hawkings, Seth Green, Joel of MST3K, Gohan (upgraded at last!), Trowa, Yosho, Kamidake, Tetsu Hayami, Lister, Adrian Paul, Ashitaka, Erik the Opera Ghost, and Kirby Morrow (lovely voice actor). And at long last, thanks to some gorgeous upgrades, the Samurai Troopers are a complete set! Cye, Sage, Kento and Ryo have been caught.

Duo: There's the numbered catches. Trowa, lucky guy, is our 100th catch after that upgrade.

Shusu: A much nicer picture, yes.

Makoto: Seth Green is the 50th Bishounen catch, and Ashitaka of Mononoke Hime is number 60. For records we should put down that Kirby Morrow is number 120 overall.

Mariamaia: Kirby is dreamy... he's the English voice actor of Trowa and Van...

Shusu: No kidding. And he's real cute too!

Duo: [rolls eyes]

Makoto: I'll say! We also upgraded Helios, Touya and Fujitaka. And Li and Rowen?

Shusu: Wiggle suggested a solution to that. I like Li's pictures equally, so we'll put them on banner rotate. I don't like Rowen's new picture, but it's a good close up, so I'll do the same... I may copy the old picture twice and rotate two copies instead of one. I'll also add a link so people can view both versions.

Mariamaia: Noted.

Shusu: Oh! ASAP, we need to go into the nettrash page and change it to a splash page for 50megs page. It seems some links still lead there.

Makoto: Do you have anything to add, Achika?

Achika: Oh, I was just going to say that the real people will be added to my gym. We won't be doing any training, since we're the Point Team. Everyone is fully qualified already. I'm taking John Crichton, Guinan, Lister, Adrian Paul, Seth Green, Joel, and Kirby Morrow. So I'll have 9 Bishoujo and 6 Bishounen.

Duo: I'll take Mephisto and Erik right off. I'll have 9 Bishoujo and 13 Bishounen.

Shusu: That leaves Jim Hawkings, Gohan, Trowa, Yosho, Kamidake, Tetsu Hayami, Ashitaka, Cye, Sage, Kento and Ryo. Okay. To make room for the new guys, we need to cut a lot of people. This will not be fun, or easy.

Duo: I'll start. I have to make room for the warlords anyway, when you catch them. Arashi, Gambit, and Rogue have to go. I recommend that Elisa move up.

Makoto: Fujitaka needs to be with Nadesiko. Lady Funaho and Tomoyo need to go.

Hilde: I have a big overflow problem. Lina needs to move down, and possibly Angemon and Angewomon.

Shusu: Okay... you need Gohan; Ashitaka should be with San, and I'd like Trowa and Hayami to be in Gold Gym. Sage too.

Hilde: In that case, all three Digimon boys have to move down. Minus four boys plus five, minus two girls. 14 Bishounen and 9 Bishoujo? That's really unbalanced.

Shusu: Hayami can go in Forest Gym. So you'll have an even 13 Bishounen and 9 Bishoujo. That leaves Yosho, Kamidake, Cye, Kento, and Ryo for Makoto. Jim and Wallace can go to Sapphire. Although Wallace may move up once I watch the Digimon movie again.

Makoto: That's Matt, Tai, Angemon and Angewomon for me, too? Okay. Minus one boy plus nine boys?! The girls I can do, that's minus two plus one.

Mariamaia: What if I take Sage?


Shusu: I think... that might work. It's unusual to add to your Gym, but I do like Seiji.

Quatre: You ought to give Kento and Ryo to me. They were never your favorites, as much as you like the Troopers.

Shusu: True. Man, it's hard not to play favorites. Okay. Yosho and Hayami will go to Gold. Maia, that will leave you with 11 Bishoujo and 13 Bishounen. Hilde holds with 9 Bishoujo and 14 Bishounen. Makoto will have Kamidake, Cye, Matt, Tai, Angemon, Angewomon, and oh, Elisa; that makes 9 Bishoujo and 14 Bishounen. Duo will have 7 Bishoujo and 12 Bishounen.

Quatre: All right. That leaves Arashi, Gambit, Rogue, Jim, Wallace, Kento, Ryo, Lady Funaho, Tomoyo, Fujitaka, and Lina. Plus Mayuka, Ryoohki, Clow Reed, Sora, and Nadesiko. 9 Bishoujo and 7 Bishounen.

Achika: Hilde and Makoto's Gyms need to be cut.

Shusu: Yeah. Oh boy. Okay. Gene, Brock and Heero are moving to Sapphire. Professor Tomoe will go to Jet where he belongs. Move... oh man-- San and Ashitaka down to Forest. And Touya and Yukito.

Makoto: Minus four, plus five boys. Plus one girl. 11 Bishoujo and 12 Bishounen.

Hilde: 8 Bishoujo and 11 Bishounen.

Duo: 6 Bishoujo and 14 Bishounen.

Quatre: 9 Bishoujo and 10 Bishounen.

Maia: And 11 Bishoujo and 13 Bishounen.

Achika: 9 Bishoujo and 6 Bishounen. That's a total of 54 Bishoujo and 66 Bishounen. 120 catches total.

Shusu: Whew! Let's take a break. That means all the Bishoujo slots are open if we catch more.

Achika: We need another gym, don't we?

Shusu: Yes. I think this time next month we'll be inviting Mimi into our fold to open Sakura Gym. But we'll deal with that once the Bishoujo are updated. Also, I'm hoping our friend Silver can catch Dais for Pocket Bishounen. Only then will I grab the remaining two warlords. Also, I'll be watching lots of anime like Evangelion, Nadesico, and Kenshin, so we may have even more new favorites coming in.

Duo: Yikes.

Shusu: Think of more colors, guys!

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