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January 2001 Placement

[Shusu lays out a nice spread of fruits, chocolate dip, smoked fish finger foods. The other bishies drool but only five enter the lounge: Duo, Quatre, Mariemaia, Makoto, and Hilde.]

Shusu: All right, guys. I've got a bad cold, so let's get this over with as quickly as possible.

Makoto: Why are all the other Gym Trainers from Gundam Wing?

Shusu: I don't need loners. I need people who can handle a lot of data, personnel, and devise a training regimen. In your case, Mako-chan, cooking for Usagi, keeping up with school and being a superhero count.

Duo: (mouth full) S'at sho? Sh'why m'I a Bish an' a strainer acha shame time!

Hilde: Ummm...

Shusu: You're pulling double duty 'cause you're too damn cute and too damn hyper. Now sit and eat quietly or I'll change my mind about putting you in charge of a gym.

Quatre: That brings me to something else. Why is Duo the only GW Pocket Bish you've captured so far?

Shusu: I don't like your pictures. I'll eventually get all the Ronin Warriors and Gundam Wing characters but not until the other gyms are built and running. Is that all? Okay! First order of business. Hellion, how's your gym?

Mariemaia: It's going well. The switch between Wallace and Ken of Digimon went smoothly, and the new and improved versions of Hexadecimal and Yamato are much more efficient. I will be waiting for better pictures of Gren, Taichi, and perhaps Angemon.

Shusu: We're still waiting for an Iria, aren't we?

Mariemaia: Yes, it will even out the boys and the girls. I was doubting your decision to keep Taichi in my gym, but he and Yamato work well together.

Shusu: That's another thing, you and Hilde must work closely together, as there may be more fluidity between your gyms in the future. Speaking of Gold Gym, is everything under control?
Hilde: Pretty much. Vegeta is being cocky about his upgrade, but everyone's getting along fine.

Shusu: Good. Let's have your recommendations, then.

Hilde: Here's the list--

Arashi - Jet or Sapphire
Zarbon - Forest or Jet
Mayuka - Sapphire
Zoisite - Forest or Jet
Helios - Gold or Forest
Mercury - Gold
Fujitaka - Gold or Forest
Clow - Forest or Sapphire
Kagero - Gold
Zechs - Gold
Sally - Forest or Jet
Washu - Gold or Forest
Kagato - Jet or Sapphire
Ryoko - Gold or Forest
Hotsuma - Gold
Kiyone - Gold or Forest
Natsuko - Gold
Sora - Forest or Sapphire
Mimi - Gold or Forest
Ken - Forest or Jet
Omi - Forest or Jet
Ryoohki - Sapphire
Krillin - Gold or Forest
18 - Gold or Forest
Vegeta - Gold or Forest
Elisa - Forest or Jet
Rogue - Gold or Jet
Yuzuriha - Jet or Sapphire
Wallace - Gold or Forest
Guinan - Forest or Jet

Shusu: Okay. Now, take out all the ones who are already designated Gold Gym bishies.

Hilde: That's Mercury, Kagero, Zechs, Hotsuma, and Natsuko.

Shusu: Oi, that's not much. Makoto, what if you took all the ones designated "Gold or Forest".

Makoto: That would be Helios, Fujitaka, Washu, Ryoko, Kiyone, Mimi, Krillin, Android 18, Vegeta, and Wallace.

Duo: Then there's Rogue, who's "Gold or Jet."

Shusu: Hmm. Okay. Now the wild cards. The new catches.

Mariemaia: Excellent.

Duo: What?! You caught new ones?

Quatre: Ehe. She's been catching them for weeks, Duo.

Shusu: San, Jessica Rabbit, Lina Inverse, Funaho, Meiran, Angewomom, Gambit, John Crichton, Yuki, and Touya. Oops! Gambit got away. Stupid file error.

Duo: Well he was always a slippery guy. I'd love him in my gym.

Shusu: He and Rogue are a set. We'll talk about your gym later. Anyway, we had 28 Bishoujos and 26 Bishounen. So that will bring it to a grand total of...

Hilde: 34 Bishoujos.

Quatre: And 30 Bishounen.

Shusu: Don't worry guys, it'll even out when I catch all the Ronins and G-boys.

Mariemaia: What if you move Angemon and Angewomon together?

Hilde: To my gym? That might work. They'd match perfectly.

Shusu: Done. Angemon is gone. He's now at Gold Gym.

Hilde: What's it looking like, then? Girls are Mercury, Kagero, Natsuko, Angewomon, Lina, Kiyone, Ryoko, 18, and San. Boys are Angemon, Wallace, Zechs, Hotsuma, Helios, Krillin, Vegeta, Yuki and Touya. Nine and nine! Perfect. Of course, I'd like to hold out for Suzuka, eh?

Shusu: Sounds good, for now. Will that be enough for your training leaders?

Hilde: I'll be working with Mariemaia to share leaders.

Makoto: So who do I have in the overflow gym?

Shusu: Arashi, Zarbon, Mayuka, Zoisite, Fujitaka, Clow, Sally, Washu, Kagato, Sora, Mimi, Ken, Omi, Ryoohki, Elisa, Rogue, Yuzuriha, Guinan, Jessica Rabbit, Funaho, Meiran, Gambit, and John Crichton.

Makoto: Yikes!

Shusu: We'll have to increase your food and supplies.

Makoto: No kidding. So that's 13 bishoujo and 9 bishounen.

Duo: We bishounen are really outnumbered.

Shusu: Patience, Duo, Ronin and G-boys will even it all out.

Duo: So what was it you wanted to do with my gym?

Shusu: Makoto's will be the Reserve Gym. Forest members will be supplying any replacement the other two gyms may need. Yours will be the Special Forces Gym. They won't have that much work, but they'll be used in stealth and recon missions.

Duo: Woohoo! So I'm the cool gym!

Quatre: Uh, not really. She just said you're rarely getting any work.

Duo: Exactly.

Shusu: Duo, you're going to get a whole bunch of villains and criminals. Organization will be difficult, but I figure you're up to the task.

Mariemaia: Do you have an estimated stopping point, Shusu-sama?

Shusu: Well, it's really dependent on Pocket Bishoujo's growth. If we get Gall Force, Iria, Suzuka, the Galaxy Express girl, and maybe A-ko and B-ko, then we'll be approaching fifty bishoujos. As for Pocket Bishounen, the Warlords, Ronin, and remaining G-boys will make it about eleven more.

Quatre: Twelve. You're hoping for Abdul, aren't you?

Shusu: Heh heh. Too true. Well, we're looking at close to fifty there too. So I'd say we'll level out at about 100 Pocket Bishies. Over five gyms, that'll be pretty good.

Quatre: Any chance we're adding another gym leader?

Shusu: I don't know, I'd have to check the badges. As it is, we've got red, yellow, green, black and blue color themes.

Duo: Orange?

Hilde: Purple?

Shusu: We'll see. So! Is there anything else on the agenda? Great. Meeting's adjourned.

Next Meeting

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