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February 2001 Placement

[Shusu is late for the meeting. Duo, Hilde, Quatre, Mariemaia, and Makoto are sitting around, getting their notes in order. Duo is trying to build a log cabin made of Pocky. He glances at some of the newer files being passed around.]

Duo: Saaa... what the hell happened?

Makoto: I don't know. One minute everyone was assigned, and now I hear we're going to be changing ranks for several bishounen.

Quatre: Just when we had everyone figured out.

Mariemaia: It's those Weiss boys. They're messing everything up. The talk is that Omi is moving all the way up to my gym.

Duo: Shusu could never resist some genki angst.

Hilde: *No* kidding, Duo.

Duo: What? What?

Shusu: [enters] Okay guys, I got the donuts! Hey... why are you all looking at me like that?

Mariemaia: [sighs] What's on the agenda, Shusu-san?

Shusu: We've got a full plate today. First on the list is the site move.

Hilde: Everything's going to Tripod, huh?

Shusu: Yes, we'll start uploading Crimson Gym as soon as possible. That job shouldn't be too bad. We will need everyone's help moving the Kitties as well.

Makoto: Great. I love those Nekos!

Quatre: Well so do I, but eight files at a time? Shusu-san get FTP already.

Shusu: I'll look into it. I think I have one, actually. I just need an address to dial into. Anyway, I guess it's getting a new entrance page, eh? The gyms and the Neko Room will be sharing space.

Hilde: I have an idea. Upload that pretty watercolor for the entrance page. That way you can list all the gyms on the side.

Shusu: Oh, good idea. I'll do that. I think we should also move everything into two subfolders, but that's not too hard on Tripod. Now I'll really have to switch to pop-ups, as much as I hate them. Tripod's banner will mess up the design.

Mariemaia: Or if worst comes to worse, you can always put the entrance page on Nettrash where there are no ads.

Shusu: True. Now. Next... Wei▀.

All: [groan]

Shusu: What?!

Duo: You haven't even seen the anime.

Shusu: So? I own the an art book. Paid good money for it too.

Quatre: It's in Japanese!

Shusu: Oh, hush. Here's the lowdown. Schwarz is going into the Jet Gym. Mako-chan, can you hold out on being the overflow gym for a while?

Makoto: Sure. Especially if you move all the villains to Duo's gym.

Duo: So I'm opening my gym? Sugoi!

Shusu: You need to start working on their assignments, okay, Duo? Quatre, if Makoto gets too overwhelmed, then we'll open Sapphire to overflow as well.

Quatre: No problem.

Hilde: And what about Wei▀?

Shusu: Ken will stay in Forest Gym, most likely. Omi is moving up to Crimson Gym. Keep him close to Takeru, if you can.

Mariemaia: Thought so. [makes a note]

Shusu: And to balance out the Bishounen and Bishoujo, Matt and Tai are moving out.

Hilde: To which gym?

Shusu: Probably yours. Gold Gym can stand a few more. If they don't fit, I won't hesitate to put them in Forest Gym, though.

Makoto: Hmm. Well, I do need more Bishounen.

Shusu: Now... Yohji will end up in Gold Gym, and Aya will probably be in Forest Gym.

Makoto: Aya-kun? Really?

Shusu: Yeah. He's a little too angsty, believe it or not. Besides, you need a little more leadership in your group. Now, before I forget, the Pocket Bishounen Webring accepted our submission.

Hilde: Cool!

Quatre: That's great!

Shusu: I'll have to change the site info on the webring, though, if we're moving. Now. Next up... the wish list. Last time we listed Iria, Suzuka, Maytel, the Ronins, the G-boys, Gall Force girls, maybe A-Ko and B-Ko. Of course, there's my long standing one for older versions of Jyou Kido and Koushiro Izumi. Let's see.. apparently Jyou's older brother and Sora's dad are also cute. And Gohan's picture is just intolerably bad, so I'll wait on him. Keep an eye out, okay?

Duo: Gotcha.

Shusu: So, before we start evaluating the new catches, how are your gyms doing? Can they handle the moves?

Mariemaia: Crimson has a high number of young children. They're all very talented, of course, but at times it starts to show. Naturally, I'm the last person to underestimate children, but I think we could benefit from a little older leadership. The addition of Omi will strengthen the team; Matt and Tai will probably get along fine wherever they end up, as long as you keep them together.

Shusu: Noted. Crimson is skewed towards the angst, and that seems to be a favorite for younger characters. How about you, Hilde?

Hilde: Um... we've got a weird mix, you know? On one hand we have a lot of high angst adults like Zechs, Kagero, and Vegeta. On the other end are the Digimon and Tenchi characters. I suggest really looking through our ranks when Forest Gym becomes incorporated, and evening it out somehow.

Makoto: Yeah, that's a good idea, Hilde. After all, technically the top three gyms are working in concert with each other. I think that would be great.

Shusu: Okay. I'll see what I can do. Now, the new catches. They're all bishounen - I know someone was griping about being outnumbered - so here goes. Heero, Brock, Fisheye, Jeice, Dilandau, Juunanagou, Gene, Professor Tomoe, Aya, Brad, Farfie, Nagi, Schuldig, Yohji. I think Brad is the 40th Bishounen catch, making it a total of 44 Bishounen.

Duo: Woo-hoo!

Quatre: Wow, that's a lot. And you haven't even added the Ronins and the rest of us pilots yet.

Shusu: Yes, you see, you had nothing to worry about. Although that may have to last you for a while.

Mariemaia: Didn't we estimate fifty each for Bishounen and Bishoujo?

Shusu: Yes we did. Now I won't be surprised if we hit sixty in both categories. But we'll deal with that next. Now we have to look at Duo's potential roster.

Duo: Yosh, there's Gambit, Rogue, Kagato, Zarbon, Arashi, Yuzuriha, and Zoicite.

Makoto: Um, there are more than that, Duo.

Duo: Well those are the ones I want! The rest of them can stay at Forest or go to Sapphire.

Shusu: Add Elisa to that list, those comic characters should stick together. We'll keep that as an estimate. Okay, those guys plus Fisheye, Jeice, Dilandau, Brad, Schuldig, Nagi, and Farfie.

Duo: Ah, that's four Bishoujo and eleven Bishounen--HEY! I have to house Farfarello?!

Mariemaia: [snickers]

Duo: Do we even have the facilities?!

Shusu: Ah, you'll get used to him. Though you better leave room in your budget for carpet cleaning charges.

Duo: [shudders]

Makoto: Is it a good idea to put Yuzuriha in Jet Gym? Maybe Professor Tomoe, or if you catch Yue...

Shusu: She'll be fine. They grow 'em tough at CLAMP. Besides, Rogue and Nagi will be there.

Duo: Hardly any women.

Shusu: You'll be heavily skewed towards Bishounen. Though I do hope someone at Bishoujo catches that new spider Digimon chick. And remember you're taking the rest of the Warlords when we catch them.

Mariamaia: So that's 44 Bishounen and 34 Bishoujo.

Shusu: Yes. It's all dependent on when Pocket Bishoujo updates again. I have a long list of girls to be added. Okay! Last but not least, we will be evaluating the practicality of getting more gym trainers, and possibly opening more gyms. I think some of you may appreciate some assistants. Currently we have another Achika badge. I'm not sure what color she'd be... something brownish, perhaps, since Tenchi Muyo in Love was in the autumn. But we'll fill up Sapphire first, and then we'll start thinking about it. So, until next time!

Makoto: Hopefully everything will be moved by then.

Duo: Yeah, that'll be great.

Shusu: Well... if that's all... eh? What's this? Pocket Bishoujo updated!

Girls: [squeal]

Shusu: I'll be right back, guys. Later tonight, eh?

[There is much catching of bishoujo.]

Hilde: Did you hear? She got a truckload!

Makoto: Awesome! How many?

Shusu: [enters] Eight, to be exact.

Girls: Shusu-san!

Duo: Oi. Well, at least the guys are still ahead.

Mariamaia: That makes 42 Bishoujo and 44 Bishounen. That's a bit more even.

Hilde: Look, Maia, she caught you!

Mariamaia: Let me see--! Oh, what a nice picture.

Shusu: Gold or Forest Gym for you, Hellion.

Mariamaia: Wherever. I'm honored just the same.

Shusu: Okay, check it out, we've got Tomoyo, Catherine Bloom, Nadesiko Kinomoto, Aya-chan Fujimiya, Midii Une, Suzuka, and Yugi. And Mariameia. Midii's 40th Bishoujo, by the way.

Duo: I'm getting Midii and Yugi?

Shusu: Uh-huh.

Duo: So, six girls and eleven boys. I can work with that.

Makoto: I think Gold Gym's getting Suzuka.

Hilde: Yes! Alll right!

Shusu: Makoto, you may be getting the rest. Tomoyo and Nadesiko are iffy, maybe for Sapphire Gym, but Aya-chan, Catherine and probably Mariameia will go to you for sure.

Makoto: Sweet!

Hilde: We should really talk about shuffling our rosters, Makoto. You'll be losing villain guys to Duo and gaining good girls. You won't be balanced out.

Shusu: That can wait for next meeting. I think, Quatre, we will have to open up Sapphire Gym as overflow. Makoto may have to lock in her roster just because of the number of catches we have.

Quatre: Right. So really it's a matter of Makoto and Hilde sorting out their catches and swapping around?

Shusu: Yes. Then you'll get the rest. So you should mark which are most likely to end up in your gym right now, just to be prepared.

Quatre: Got it. We should also do a full roster on the main trainer's page, hmm?

Shusu: Right. Let's see, I have to make link buttons for Crimson, Gold, Forest, Jet, Sapphire, and Trainer's Office.

Hilde: Six buttons. Man.

Shusu: Or I could just make two buttons, one for Gyms, one for the Office. It would fit better. I think I'll do that.

Mariamaia: Why don't you re-do the entry page and do the five buttons anyway?

Shusu: You're evil. Yes, I knew that. [sighs] That's probably what will happen.

Duo: Maybe you should use those Poke-ball graphics? They'd look a lot cooler, and you could put colors on them.

Shusu: Hmm. Well, we'll have this done by next meeting. Great! 42 Bishoujo and 44 Bishounen. This is a great night for catches. I'll see you guys next month!

Next Meeting

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